The Wrestling Club at LSU

The 2012-13 attempt to establish a UREC recognized wrestling team at LSU was rejected.  This was mainly due to two factors: 1) inadequate communication between club members and 2) a disastrous attempt to adhere to UREC sanctioning guidelines.   The current goals of The Wrestling Club at LSU are to be recognized by UREC and then sanctioned by the NCWA to allow competition with other NWCA wrestling programs.

UREC has stated they wish to recognize The Wrestling Club at LSU.  However, they rejected, for valid cause, the application submitted on the club's behalf, and were also less than impressed with the practice they inspected.  The inspection date was known to club members.  Three were present.

Very influential people desire a post-high school wrestling option for Louisiana wrestlers within the state of Louisiana.  It is on their behalf that I was asked to utilize this Website to help them work with students to ensure the mistakes of 2012-13 are not repeated.  Take advantage of the offer.

Achieving the goals of being recognized by UREC and sanctioned by the NCWA require a sustained effort by all LSU Wrestling Club members who wish to participate in anything aside from just the annual Masters Tournament in April.  Sustained efforts require commitments.  Commitments require verifiable communication.  Leaving text messages, posting something on Facebook or sending emails do not constitute verifiable communications.


For the moment, interested parties should call Martin Muller at (504) 305-1824.  Leave a message with your phone number if Mr. Muller does not answer and he will call you back.  Communication with Mr. Muller will be the only method in which new club members will be recognized, listed on this Website and relied upon to do that which is necessary to achieve the club's goals.

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